Clasen Overseas was founded in 1989 in Emden, Germany.

In the year 2001 Captain Clasen and Captain Alois Schäfer entered into a partnership and Clasen Overseas and Partner was founded with the aim of providing loading and vessel surveys.

Captain Clasen left the company in the year 2003. In the year 2005 Captain Alois Schäfer entered into a partnership with Captain Joachim Schlieps.

Clasen Overseas und Partner Schäfer / Schlieps GBR (COS) was newly founded.

On 1 August 2014 COS & Partner Schäfer / Schlieps GBR was converted to

Cargo Overseas Surveyor GmbH & Co KG

Both owners Captain Alios Schäfer and Captain Joachim Schlieps remain in partnership in this new business model.

On September 30, 2022 Mr. Schäfer went into well-deserved retirement. Since October 01, 2022, Mr. Schlieps is the sole shareholder & managing director of Cargo Overseas Surveyor GmbH & Co KG.

From the very first moment of its existence COS had the aim of fully and happily meeting its clients' needs and requirements as well as offering a quick, reliable business service 24 hours a day across the entire globe. This aim and the belief that trust and service are the foundations of a successful business form the guiding principles of COS.

The fact that COS, in just 14years of its two person partnership, has developed into a company with 16 employees, 13 of which are surveyors, shows not only that this is the right approach, but also that COS has lived up to it.

COS Cargo Overseas Surveyor GmbH & Co KG's highly motivated team will also guarantee today's excellent service tomorrow.

This will be achieved by regular employee training. For example:
Offshore climbing courses
Cargo Security Training
Operating the Sherlog ultrasound system using our own equipment
Preparation of storage plans with Visio
Lashings calculation as well as the preparation of storage plans with the own Visiual Cargo Care programme.